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BLOG: Latvian Culture

As my time in Latvia comes to an end, with just a few weeks remaining, I think about all of the differences I have experienced in culture and in nature. For example, the nature...
Koniks bij Jelgava, Letland. Foto: Lex van Drongelen

BLOG: Summertime in Jelgava’s meadows

When doing fieldwork for my research, I mostly start my day with exploring the meadows looking for the herd of Konik horses. Just looking at what they’re doing, see if there are...
Zonsondergang langs de Dviete. Foto: Lex van Drongelen

Blog: Road tripping through Latvia

Everybody knows when driving through Holland it takes about three hours to go from one side of the country to the other side. Most of the things you will see along the way is...
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