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Green Blue Rhine Alliance

The Green Blue Rhine Alliance is an initiative of ARK Nature and nine other organisations. Funded by the EU Interreg program for regional development, this project (2017 – 2021) aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany, focusing on the ecological corridor function of the river Rhine. This cross-border river not only links people and economies, but is also a migratory corridor for many species, and important for landscape, nature, and water quality.

The Green Blue Rhine Alliance focuses on three objectives :

  • Strengthening organisational networks, and raising awareness through education and communication.
  • Linking cross-border nature areas and restoring ecological corridors, by removing barriers from the migratory routes of otters and fish and creating stepping stones for other species such as sand martin and kingfisher.
  • Setting up monitoring networks, and sharing data and knowledge through international workshops on floodplain development, nature restoration, monitoring, and fish and otter migration.

ARK Nature is project leader of the Green Blue Rhine Alliance Team, which besides ARK includes five Dutch organisations (Waterschap Rijn en IJssel, Rijkswaterstaat, Sportvisserij Nederland, De Bastei, and Vereniging Nederlands Cultuurlandschap) and four German organisations (NABU Kranenburg, Naturschutzzentrum Kleve, Biostation Wesel, and Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf).

Contact: bernadette.botman@ark.eu, +31 6 21517599

For further information see www.gbra.eu.