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Wild nature in our minds and actions

ARK Nature firmly believes that our quality of life will be improved if we make more space for wild nature in our landscapes. Wild, resilient nature areas are essential not only for plant and animal diversity, but also for the economy and human well-being. Many studies have shown that spending more time in the outdoors and reconnecting to nature makes us healthier and happier people.

Letting nature run its course

Our vision is of vast, dynamic nature areas, where natural processes can run their course. Where people can reconnect with the wonders of wild nature. Where landscapes are much more varied, offering habitat for more species of plants and animals. In nature restoration projects we just have to create the right conditions, and then let nature do the rest.

Nature embedded in society and economy

Nature is part of our society and economy. The success of nature conservation, ecological restoration and rewilding programmes goes hand in hand with social and economic benefits – such as flood risk reduction, water quality improvement, soil conservation, and new opportunities for water recreation and ecotourism.  


ARK Nature is one of the founding partners of Rewilding Europe and is involved in many joint actions and initiatives. We provide capacity from our own organisation to support international rewilding projects and initiatives such as the European Wildlife Bank and the European Rewilding Network.